Saturday, March 28, 2015

Psssttt... You can get the paperback of Say That Again now. Yes, now. Well, as soon as Amazon and UPS can pack it up and deliver it to you.


Say That Again is Book #2 of the Faderville Novels and the sequel to Say No More, but don't worry, these books don't have to be read in any particular order. You can pre-order the Kindle version, which will be available April 7th. Here's the description for Say That Again:
"Echo's life hasn't been easy so far. Mistreated by one owner after another, he'd rather just learn to get by on his own. Still, he longs for his 'forever home'. Not until he meets young Hannah McHugh does he learn to trust again. Hannah not only understands him ― she hears him.

Before the accident, Hannah already knew she was different from other kids. Now, animals are speaking to her ― and no one believes her... Even her own father, Hunter, tells her she should keep it to herself.

Then, the reclusive Heck Menendez moves in next door... When Hannah and Echo disappear, rumors run wild about old Heck. Hunter wants to trust his gut, but time is ticking away."

More links and information coming soon!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Bruce Trilogy Paperbacks Now Available with New Covers

 Thanks to CreateSpace, you can now get paperbacks for the Bruce Trilogy delivered to your doorstep within days with their snazzy new covers designed by Ebook Launch.

And the best part is they cost less than before! That's a win-win all around.

You can find The Crown in the Heather here. New covers for the rest should be up by the end of the week, but rest assured they are in stock. At this time the new covers are only available in Amazon stores, but eventually they will be elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I have emerged from Proofreading and Formatting Purgatory. I'll have details soon on where and when you can order Say That Again (the sequel to Say No More), book #2 in my Faderville Novels series.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

E-book Cover Design Awards

Dane's covers for The Bruce Trilogy have been awarded a gold star by Joel Friedlander in his monthly e-Book Cover Design Awards for January 2015. Joel said this:

"These three covers show series design at its best. The emblematic characters each convey the tone and context of the books, and they are held together by the overall look and the strong series branding."

Dane is a member of the incredible team at E-book Launch. This was a re-design of the entire series from my original covers and I could not be more in love with them! They seem to be grabbing readers' attention. In the first two days of a recent promotion, The Crown in the Heather was downloaded over 40,000 times across all platforms, reaching as high as #2 Free on and

More book news coming soon! I have another book nearing publication. Yay!!!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Covers for The Bruce Trilogy

I am stoked to present a new set of covers for The Bruce Trilogy, courtesy of the talented team at Ebook Launch!

I can't say enough great things about their cover designs. I've had the original covers since I launched the first book, The Crown in the Heather, back in July of 2010, and have since gone on to sell almost 100,000 copies of the books in the trilogy. While I was happy with them, it was time to re-brand and get a more consistent and up-to-date look for the series.

This is especially important since I've recently uploaded all my books to a broad scope of sales channels, including Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, GooglePlay, and Scribd.

It's amazing how fierce the competition has gotten among indie books over the last few years. The covers are more professional, the editing is better, and there are more great books than ever. Covers that were serviceable a few years ago can pale in comparison to the topnotch designs out there today.

One thing I wanted to do was speak to my target audience a little more clearly for this series. While I've always considered them Biographical Historical Fiction, I feel they also have a strong element of Mens Action and Adventure to them. Hey, if you don't like battle scenes, don't read these books. Consider yourselves warned. ;-) Then again, if  you're reading this you probably already knew that.

I love everything about these: the subject, the background, the typography, the strong branding. Don't ask me to pick a favorite. Like children, I love them all equally.
So, feast your eyes, folks! I'm having a major cover crush, myself.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Broader Distribution vs. KDP Select

Yesterday I posted about putting The Crown in the Heather permafree as an e-book on all channels. Today, as promised, I'm expounding on why I did that. My apologies if this is lengthy and a little disjointed -- it's a very complex issue. I could write ten blog posts about it, but I try not to wade too long in the muck, so I'm going to be as brief as possible.

Last year I put my two standalone books, Uneasy Lies the Crown and In the Time of Kings, into KDP Select, an Amazon digital publishing program where you agree to offer books exclusively on Amazon, meaning they can't be available for download anywhere else. (Since 97% of my readers were Kindle owners, this made sense for me). In return, your books are available in the Kindle Owner's Lending Library (KOLL), where Prime subscribers can 'borrow' one book per month. THe author then gets paid for that borrow. Also, the author is allowed to offer their book for free for seven days in a 90-day period, or as a bargain book for 5 days as a Kindle Countdown. These perks can increase your book's visibility in the Kindle store. Both of mine benefited from it. So I put the Isabella Books (Isabeau and The King Must Die) in Select, too. Then, when I launched Say No More, a new genre for me, I put it directly in Select, which turned out to be a good thing. All was well, relatively speaking.

For a while.

And then ... it wasn't anymore. Sales stalled. Borrows dwindled. I thought putting out a new release (although not in Select) would provide a boost, but I'm still waiting to see that.

The only books I didn't place in Select, and never have, were those in The Bruce Trilogy, because CITH was part of a boxed set this year -- and I'm glad I kept those books up elsewhere ... for reasons I, and no one else, could foresee.

This summer, Amazon rolled out their Kindle Unlimited (KU) program, which allows subscribers to borrow ten books at a time for $9.99 a month. Not all Kindle books on Amazon are available in KU. Even so, if you're a voracious reader, this is a great deal because there is still a lot to choose from. If you're an author of epic novels that take a while to write (like me) ... not so much.

There's a place for shorter length fiction and I'm not knocking that. I love a quick read on occasion myself. What KU does is take away an author's right to determine the price of their book, as all books in KU are valued equally for self-published books. Traditionally published books, however, get a different deal entirely that I won't go into. For self-published books, what authors get paid per book is independent of that book's length. So a 50-page 99-cent book gets an author just as much money as a 500-page, normally $5.99 book. In addition, the payment to author per borrow went from over $2 per book in Select's early days, to $1.33 after the start of KU this past month. Ouch.

Here's a blog post that explains the pitfalls of exclusivity.

Many authors found that although borrows increased, regular sales decreased. Subsequently, so did their income. A few big names, all of them KDP All-Stars (meaning top 100 earning KDP authors, like H.M. Ward and J.A. Konrath), have left KDP Select as well as SF author Ryk Brown. Of course, there are authors who have done very, very well in Select, even with the initiation of KU. And they should stay in it. But each of us has to do what's right for both our careers and our readers.

As an indie author, I love Amazon KDP. It has done so, so, so much more for my writing career than all the other vendors put together. But it's hard to stay loyal and remain exclusive when such sweeping changes can occur without prior notice. Writing is more than a hobby to me. It's how I make my living.

So I'm going wide with distribution, even though leaving Select appears to be putting a ding in my Amazon visibility and sales. Hopefully, sales at other vendors will grow with time and make up for those losses. If they don't, I'll reconsider. Right now, I'm not sure if this is the right move or not. Ask me a year from now. Who knows what will happen in the months to come? I could be washed up in a ditch, never having written another word, or I could be on top of the New York Times Bestseller list (always think positive, I say). We'll see. I've gone from barely selling one book a day, to regularly selling over a hundred a day, to having a good day when I hit twenty, despite having more books for sale and there being more people reading e-books than ever. Times change. Roll with it.

Digital publishing is an industry that can change wildly in a day. The great thing about being an indie author is that we can adapt on the turn of a dime. It can be quite the roller coaster ride, so you have to take the ups with the downs.

Right now, I'd like the ride to smooth out a little.Spreading my support base a little wider seems like the most sensible way to do that.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Crown in the Heather is now FREE everywhere!

I've finally made the move to permafree on all channels for The Crown in the Heather, The Bruce Trilogy: Book I.

You can find it here:

E-book: (Australia)
Apple (iTunes)
Barnes and Noble

What this means is that you can download CITH at no cost from any online e-book retailer.

Some people have asked me: Why would you give your book away? Simple. The strategy behind permafree is to get new readers to try your books. I look at it the same as if that book were sitting on every library shelf all over the world. Then, those who like it and want to read more can purchase the rest of the trilogy, and hopefully other books I've written.

So let your friends know they can read all about Robert the Bruce and James Douglas (swoon) for FREE wherever they like to get their e-books.

Tomorrow, I'll post about why I decided to make The Crown in the Heather free from a self-publisher's standpoint.

Until later,

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Memories and Matchsticks is now live!

 Memories and Matchsticks, Sam McNamee Mystery: Book 1, is now live at all online retailers!

There’s an arsonist on the loose in rural Wilton, Indiana — and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep from being found out. Even murder.

After a decade-long absence, the night Sam McNamee returns to Wilton, she plows into a mangy mutt on a rain-slicked country road. Bump, the dog she rescues, has a history that drags Sam and her family into a web of danger, making her father a prime suspect.

Feuds and secrets run deep in Humboldt County. Sam can't leave until the arsonist is uncovered. Not that she'd want to anymore, since veterinarian Clint Chastain has stolen her heart. 
I had a blast writing this book and hope it makes you hold your breath, laugh, and hug your loved one a little tighter.
Here's where you can get it:


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